Lost In Egypt

by Dani

So I've told you what the pre-K set has been doing during the day, but I'm woefully behind in blogging about our homeschool adventures this year.  As I mentioned before, we are working through the second year of the family cycle with My Father's World which focuses on history from the beginning to the ancient Greeks.

While we have been too busy to do all of the activities (namely the celebration of the Biblical feasts), we've still had a lot of fun, and the children have really learned a lot. We started off with creation and moved through the early Biblical accounts. We learned about the ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia. We even practiced our cuneiform writing skills in some "clay" cookie dough tablets! Best part about that was eating it!

We then entered a 4 week study of ancient Egypt. The older two children have really enjoyed this, as have I, since it is a favorite time period/civilization for me. Poor Ladybug has not been as happy. We lost her the first week in talking about mummification and the removal of the brain through the nose! Since then she has covered her ears at the mention of "mummy". :)

We spent time learning about and building various pyramids. There was our clay model...

and the paper model...

Then we got out the legos and got serious! After making the "great" pyramid of Lego and adding the queens' pyramids, the kids decided to add a temple to the front and made it quite grand.

We also studied other Egyptian inventions such as the boats, the chariot, and papyrus. 

In our memory work this year, we are learning the books of the Bible. One activity I had them do was put note cards with the book names on them in the correct order.

Although we have been very busy, we did take some time out for a field trip with the homeschool co-op. We visited a local historical site and learned about pioneer life. The kids had fun making paper and tin punching.

So far so good! :)