8 years Ago Right Now...

by Dani

I was in Ethiopia. Our beautiful Butterfly joined our family 8 years and 2 days ago. It is hard to believe it was so long ago, yet I don't remember life before this Butterfly and the rest of the crew.

She is my Princess. I love that she is so truthful and loyal. Her mind is a beautiful thing with it's detail for memory and ability to process emotion and issues beyond her years. Her curiosity and imagination are blessings. I am humbled by her pure faith and her deep love for her Lord. And always so blessed, so very blessed and so gratefully, very, very gratefully to be her mother.


Learning to Count

by Dani

We've been learning lots of things with homeschooling. For example, we've been learning to count. Maybe you can help us.








Guo Yu Fan 2.jpg



The number of the day is FIVE!! Brought to you by the Westhaven crew! :)

Ladybug Day

by Dani

I'm a week late writing this but last Saturday we celebrated 4 years of having Ladybug in our family! Wow has our Little Ladybug grown!

She continues to be our little drama queen. The little extra spice in everything. ;) Definitely has a mind of her own! 


She's smart and funny. Loves to talk to anyone and everyone. Seriously has never met a stranger.


She loves to sing, dance, and preform. But she also loves to help and be in on everything!


She can't wait to go to school like the big kids. She has decided that Lorien, the family cat, is actually her cat.


Without a doubt our family would be much quieter without our little chatter bug!


Happy Family Day, Ladybug! We love you! Looking forward to another wonderful year!


Sunday Review

by Dani

This last week there have been a lot of wonderful articles and blog posts online that I run across that I would like to share. So, I'm going to share them here. :)

Amy Eldridge of Love without Boundaries has written a series of posts about the changing face of China adoption:

Changing Face of China's Orphans

Changing Attitudes

Adoption of Boys

Domestic Adoption on the Rise This article was very interesting. It is nice to hear that domestic adoption is even starting to extend to mild-moderate special needs!

Birth Defects

Then there were two interest blog posts about the ethics of adoption in two different African countries. While they are about The DRC and Uganda, I think a lot can be applied to other African countries. From Holly at Alama ya Kitumaini "Sign of Hope": A Story.  And from The Farmer's Wife at The Farmer's Wife Tells All in her post My Take on Ugandan Adoption.

In a non-adoption related issue, I found this post from Kate Bassford Baker called Please Don't Help My Kids very interesting and timely.

Happy 7th Family Day Butterfly!!

by Dani

WOW!! Seven years. It does not seem possible to me that seven years ago today we meet our little Butterfly for the first time. Truly time does fly by as they say.

Miss Butterfly is really growing into a little lady. She continues to be a great big sister who loves to teach her younger siblings everything she knows. She has found a love for song, dance, and acting.  One of her latest favorite activities is to write notes to everyone telling them how much she loves them... Mommy, Daddy, siblings, God.. it is very sweet just like Miss Butterfly. I can not imagine what our family would be like without her leading the pack. :) Love you, Butterfly!