Holiday Recap

by Dani

Just to catch things up a bit, we had a wonderful Christmas holiday. We traveled to visit family, but arrived home late Christmas Day so were still able to enjoy some of our home traditions.

Miss Dragonfly got to experience her first Christmas with us. She enjoyed decorating the tree so much. She was just WAY to cute running back and forth to get ornaments. Now that Butterfly and Cricket are so tall, the kids did most of the decorating. They didn't do a half bad job either!

Since this is a recap post, I'll spare you all the gift open pics, but suffice to say they got more gifts then they needed and enjoyed it all! There were a few notable highlights like the guitar that Ladybug got.

I was also proud of myself for finally getting everyone's stockings finished (except Dragonfly, guess that will be next year's project!) I've been working on these for 5 years! Each child's stocking includes a piece of cloth from their birth country. Here are Butterfly's and Cricket's.

As I said, we spent the first part of the holiday with family. The kids enjoyed hanging with the cousins. The Grandkids picture turned out pretty good this year.

While we were there we went to two different playgrounds/parks. Got some great pictures of the kids there.

Overall  busy but good holidays!