How the Summer Ended

by Dani

I have no idea where the summer went. It literally whizzed by me in rapid fire! We had so much going on I could barely keep up with it to say nothing of blogging about it. So, well, sorry but here is another quick summary post covering our July and early August.

It was a busy month in part due to all the medical appointments. Dragonfly not only started with her OT (twice a week) and Early interventionist (every other week) but had 2 doctor appointments. The older 4 kids all went to the dentist and Ladybug went back to have her 6 yr old molars sealed. Cricket and Butterfly had their annual physical. And Lil' Bug saw his cardiologist and audiologist (twice). All this medical stuff and therapy went really well.

Mimmi spent most of the month with us which the kids loved. Dragonfly really enjoyed sitting with Mimmi.

In the middle of it, the older three kids went with the church junior youth group to a local day camp. They had a great time. Lots of water play and a ropes course and some hiking.

We found time to made a trip to the splash pad. It was Dragonfly's first time and she was a fan!

There is a playground at the splash pad which the kids like to play on while drying off. Lil' Bug was showing his climbing skills. Miss Ladybug is working hard to be able to do the monkey bars. She got half way across one time but I missed it.

We also made a couple of trips to our favorite little creek. As always the kids had a blast including Miss Dragonfly.

We finished off the summer in the first week of Aug with one more Dr appointment and a dentist visit for Dragonfly. Poor Dragonfly did not get good news at the dentist. She will be getting 11 (!!!) crowns this month. Obviously she is too little to do that kind of work in the office so she will need to go to the hospital to be sedated.