Happy Birthday, Dragonfly!

by Dani

Our sweet and sassy Dragonfly turns 3 years old today!

In honor of three year, here are three wonderful things about our girl!

1) She has the sweetest little voice and loves to sing! Right now her favorite number is "Let it go! Let it go!! lalala MORE!!" She will sing this even when others are singing something different! lol

2) Her strong little personality! On one hand she bosses all her siblings around making sure they do what they were told. Daily I hear things like, "NO, Lil' Bug! Mommy's water!" When Lil'Bug decides he is going to drink from my glass of water when I'm out of the room. On the other hand, her determination makes her work so hard to do exactly what is asked of her by her therapist. Lately she has refused to let me hold her hand as she steps up the one step into the house. "I do it!"

3) Her brave little spirit! Seriously, I have never met a braver child. She can go through procures and treatments that would have me out of sorts for hours and smile and laugh as soon as she is on the other side. Her willingness to try new things when so much has changed in her life just 7 months ago is amazing to me.


Our Dragonfly is indeed a special little girl! We love you!

Happy 3rd Birthday!