Our Fall line Up for Socialization.

by Dani

Because I'm deathly afraid my 5 children will NEVER be socialized due to my homeschooling them, I have them each in a million activities!
Hahaha! Obviously I am being sarcastic. Still the kids really are in a lot of activities this fall so I thought I would share the list of what they are doing.

Sunday- Sunday school and church in AM. This fall Butterfly is in a special baptismal class duirng Sunday School. Then in the afternoon Butterfly and Ladybug have practice for the children's choir.

Monday- Cricket and Ladybug are taking Kung Fu.

Tuesday- Butterfly has ballet class for one hour and Hip Hop for one hour. Butterfly and Ladybug have American Heritage Girls.

Wednesday- Butterfly and Cricket go to Jr. Youth group.

Thursday- Butterfly has a second ballet class. Ladybug has ballet and jazz classes.

Friday- we have homeschool co-op.

We have some really great classes at co-op this year and the kids are really enjoying themselves.

Butterfly has an IEW writing class (All Things Fun and Fascinating), Our State history, and a music class where she is learning, among other things, to play the recorder. During club time she is in Girls on the Run.

Cricket has an art class, a nature study class (this have been supper fun), and an origami math class (which I am teaching). His club time is Legos of course. :)

Ladybug is in the same art and nature classes as Cricket as well as a Spanish class. During club time, she is in a board games club.

The littles are in a Kindermusic class for one hour then various story, craft, play type preschool activities during the rest of the time we are there.

So there is our fall activities line up. It sure keeps me hopping