First Week of School Plus a Pool Party

by Dani

Forgive me one more back post here, this should have been written in mid-Aug...

We had a good first week of school as we eased into things. Without a doubt some of the biggest challenges have been keeping little people happy while working with the big ones. But my plan of having the older kids take turns playing with them as well as getting out some of the Tot School activities worked pretty well.

Dragonfly did puzzles and lil' Bug was using the button Snake. (Great fine motor activity there!)

We have switched to math on the computer which is working great of Butterfly.

And Cricket started cursive. He loves it and honestly has the neatest handwriting!

We ended the week with a visit from Uncle D and Aunt K and the cousins. We got to go swimming with them and everyone had a blast. Dragonfly just LOVES the water. It was a great reward for finishing the first week of school!