Oh, the Places You'll Go

by Dani

It's been a short two and a half weeks since I wrote a Lil' Bug update. Yet how far he has come in that short time is worthy of a post.

As little as 10 days ago our hero would stand rooted to the spot and fuss if you left him standing against something. Now he will cruise up and down the couch. and his speed and confidence grows by the day. He will now pull to stand on any low, steady item. He does not yet have enough upper body strength to reach too far above his head to pull up. His balance is getting better and better. He has now stood for 3 seconds twice. He really wants to learn to walk so I think he's going to get there soon as he is getting braver and braver.

He has learned "patty cake" with all the motions (it is TOO cute) and says "pat, pat" when he wants to play it. He now also says "boo" when playing peek-a-boo. In other language development, he now signs up, down, and all done in addition to "more". He has responded to a stranger calling his name. He now says "mama" to mean me when in distress. He has differentiating cries between scared/upset and hunger/want

Bonding wise, he is starting to see me as "mama". He does not yet want to admit that unless he really needs me, but it is coming. :)

He is doing more and more for himself... helping me dress him, wanting to feed himself. He has successfully used a fork to get food in his mouth if I load it for him. He has also used a spoon with relative success when I load it.

We've been to see the occupational therapist and Lil' Bug has been fitted for his first brace. The brace is to help stretch the tenants in his hand/arm so that the hand does not pull in so much and has a greater range of motion. We will change the angle of the brace every month or two. He tolerates it fairly well, but we've had some issue with it coming off or shifting went he is crawling. Here are a few picture from the first day he had it. We have a consult with Shriner's Hospital today which we are excited about. Can't wait to hear what they say.