American Heritage Girls

by Dani

As I've mentioned before, Butterfly joined the local American Heritage Girls Troop last fall. She totally had a blast and made a number of new friends plus got to do some very fun things. One of the fun things was working on a Cake Decorating badge. She had to design and decorate her own cake which she did for Easter. I thought she did a great job.

Then she also had to make a cake using a form pan and then ice it and decorate at least part of it with an icing bag and the star tip.

She was a Tenderheart which is for 1st-3rd graders. At the end of each level, the girls can earn an award for that level if they have completed enough activities and badges. For girls who are in the troop all 3 years this is pretty easy. But to get all the work done in one year takes some active work. I am so proud of Butterfly because she did it!! She earned her Tenderheart level award!

There was a lovely end of year awards ceremony  where she received this award as well as all her new badges!

I attached all the ones that will remain with her Tenderheart level on her Tenderheart vest and this is how it looks.

Can't wait for next year and all the fun she'll have as an Explorer!