It Is Finished...

by Dani

We're done. Stick a fork in us. Close the book. Our school year is OVER!!! I am so very glad to be done. I've been suffering from a bit of burn out the last month and am ready for the break.

I did not do a good job of taking pictures the last half of this year but here are a few highlights.

While visiting France, we did our own version of Monet's lilies. I think they turned out very nice.

We also did shadow portraits. I think Cricket's makes him look like Mr. Incredible! LOL

And to finish off France, we made paper models of the Eiffel Tower.

While we were in Kenya, we learned to play mancala. It was a huge hit in the fun department.

And here is our volcano from our study of mountains.

Here are a few pictures from Ladybug's K work early in the semester. (I've been REALLY bad about not taking pictures of her things!)

In other year highlights, it's been a reading year. This one finished his first chapter book.

This one read her first Bob book.

And this one learned to love books in general!

And in case anyone wonders what Lil' Bug was up to during school... well, here he is!