Let Them Dance

by Dani

This weekend was the spring production/recital at the girls' dance school. Their production are always a great show and this was no exception. This year the story was about a princess who losses her way but through the love and sacrifice of her father, the king, finds her way back home. 

Butterfly danced 2 different numbers one with her ballet class and one with her jazz class. They were back to back and part of a bigger number. It was a fun set which included a maypole! I was always amazed that they actually pulled that dance off!

Ladybug danced as one of the little forest animals who interact with the princess. It was such a cute number with each little group having their own piece. Ladybug was cast as a duckling and interacted with dragonflies in their number. She LOVED being a duck and shaking her tail feathers!

Both girls looked so cute and just light up on stage. I was so proud of them both and so glad they got to be part pf such a well done production.