3 Months Update

by Dani

Dragonfly has been with us for three months already!! How is that even possible??

She is doing really, really well. A few things of note. She is over her fear of the animals. She doesn't seem to care that much for the dog (but doesn't avoid him either), but she loves to chase the cats around the house! lol

She continues to learn new words and is starting to repeat phrases. She chatters none stop although most of it is baby gibberish.

About three weeks ago she decided to really try this walking thing. As I've mentioned, she COULD walk when she came to us, but she just never really did. Whatever happened to make the switch flip,  flip it did. She is getting stronger and stronger and now walks all over the house and rarely scoots or crawls as before. We are still hoping to have PT take a look at her as something seems off in her gait that might have been the root of the delay in walking, but we are so excited she is doing so well with no intervention!

And in one more huge piece of good news, we seem to have found a medical management for Dragonfly's GI issues we have battled since China. The pediatric GI doctor is fairly certain that she does not have Hirschsprung's disease which was the working diagnosis in China (this BTW was the surprise SN that we were hit with in China without any forewarning).  So no more tests and no surgery! YAY!

She is such a busy little girl and a joy to have around! Here is the little Miss with her baby dolls all tucked in beside her. :)