by Dani

Well, tomorrow is the day.

This morning we packed up our bags and headed to the airport. It was a bit crazy but we got all 11 families (34 individuals and all their luggage) on the plane. After an hour and a half flight we arrived in Zhengzhou. Again it was a bit of a zoo with our large travel group. But outside the gate we found our three guides. It was so cool to have Rita who was with us in 2011 when we adopted Lil' Bug come running up and give me a hug.

We arrived at the hotel at 4:30 and one member of each family had to run with one guide to the bank before it closed to exchange our money for the adoption fees. That left the remaining folks to check into our rooms. Again a bit of chaos but it all got done!

Tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM we will leave for the registry office where we will met Dragonfly (8:30 PM Sunday night EST). The information we received today mentioned that the only time she cries is when a stranger is around. Great! Just great! Time to try to get a little sleep before the big day!