Beijing Tour Day 2

by Dani

Today we got up even earlier then yesterday, got ready and headed down to met our travel group at 8:30.  We then took the hour to hour and a half drive to the Juyongguan Pass section of the Great Wall. We had a beautiful clear day (if COLD) day with blue sky!


There was still snow both on the wall and the area around it. It was beautiful! But the snow did made the steps more dangerous to climb (and descend). Still we made it farther then in 2011 and actually would have likely reached the second watch tower but they were filming a movie and had everything backed up! We decided to come back down rather then wait for them to allow everyone through. Here are some of our pictures from the day.

After the wall, we stopped for lunch at a government run place that included a cloisonne factory. Cloisonne is an enamelware made of copper and painted and fired until it looks like porcelain.

We returned to the hotel by way of the Olympic stadium from the 2008 games in Beijing. Thankfully they did not make us stop here and you'll forgive me for not even bothering to take a pic. Most buildings under a 100 years old do not impress me. :)

After a brief rest we headed out to see an acrobatic show. Now we've seen the show three times but it's great every time and a bit different each time too. I was glad to see a few more safety measures then in the past but there were still a few acts that scared me!

Evening meal was on our own so we eat at a little dumpling and noodle place we found in the mall. On the way home in the bitter cold wind, we saw the night market. The night market is a line of "food" vendors selling street food. Now some are pretty traditional street food, noodles and dumplings etc. But some are oh, so NOT! There were silk worms, seahorse, frog, and snake. And one vendor kept yelling after us "Balls!!! P*nises!! DELICIOUS!!!" all said in an Italian accent!! It was too funny! We did NOT go see if he really had those things for sale or not. :)