Our Last Day in China.

by Dani

Guangzhou Day 6- last day in China

This morning we had nothing on the schedule, but I really wanted to take B and Dragonfly to Shamian Island one last time. I wanted some pics of Dragonfly and I wanted B to see the place that held so many memories for my from Ladybug's adoption. So we didn't sleep in too late and had breakfast and were ready by 9:30.

A group of our travel mates also wanted to visit the island so we all went in a loose group. Some took taxis but 3 families including ours went by subway. The Guangzhou subway is really easy to navigate IF you know which station you are at and were you need t go. Again we had no trouble getting there.


It was a beautiful day, sunny, not too hot, not too cool.. perfect really for walking around the island. We admired the beautiful architecture and tree lined streets with the White Swan hotel still sticking out about it all.

We checked out the statues that dot the island. I tried to get Dragonfly to pose with the children line following their teacher but she would have NONE of it!

We stopped to shop at one of my favorite shops on the island, Jenny's Place. It's just down from Starbucks near A Gift From China. She has some of the fairest prices and is one of the sweetest shop owners around. Check her out if you visit. Miss Dragonfly kept pointing and yelling at me to buy her squeaky shoes. Looks like we have another shoe obsessed kid in the family! Someone else found a musical instrument to buy for himself. :)

We then walked through the river side park and along the river edge.

And, since it was lunch time, we had to stop in at Lucy's Restaurant for lunch! I eat there almost every day in 2009 when I was on the island during Ladybugs adoption.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel for a rest and a bit of a nap. At 4:15, I ran to the lobby to pick up Dragonfly's passport and the "brown envelope". We also said goodbye to 5 of our 11 families. It was bitter sweet. We were so blessed to have this great group. I definitely made some life long friends.

When I returned to the room, we decided to go for one more adventure or two. We headed to the little garden area of the China Hotel that we had tried to see on Tues when it rained. There is a little water pond there and a waterfall.

Also a play area for the kids. Hey Dragonfly, do you want to slide?

What did you think?


Yeah, I think she liked it. :)

After a bit of time here, we headed outside walked under the road through the subway to the park near the hotel. One the way we saw some beautiful street art.


You have to pay to get in the park, but we decided it looked worth it. They had their decorations for Chinese New Year still up and they were beautiful. The pictures don't really do them justice.

It was a beautiful park. I wish we had had more time to see it.

But we had supper plans. We met up with 4 of the 5 remaining families to have supper at a little hole in the wall noodle place. It was definitely a Chinese experience but good and cheap. :)

Then it was back to the hotel to pack. Miss D was entertained by playing with Pink Pup and obsessing over her new squeaky shoes. Mommy might have bought her quite a few including several sizes up. Miss D thought that she should wear them all NOW. Silly girl! :)

Well, time to head for bed. The bags are packed. Everything is ready. We leave at 5:30 AM. See ya later!