US Consulate, Subway, and Shopping

by Dani

Guangzhou Day 5

This morning we drew the short straw and got to be one of the families who had to be in the lobby at 7:40 to head out to the US Consulate for our visa application interview. After a 35+ minute bus ride, we arrived at the consulate. You can take almost nothing in with you... just a few things for the baby. It's a bit of a process with the security checks, but we all got in in a reasonable time. Then you get to sit and wait to take the oath. Then sit and wait some more for you number to be called so you can go to a window and answer a few questions and you're done. It went pretty smoothly and we were back at the hotel at 10:15. No pictures from the event since we did not bring the camera as it is not allowed inside so here is our girl afterward.

Thankfully at this point Miss Dragonfly was doing pretty well. She seems to be feeling better today (YAY!!!). So B agreed to watch her while I and a travel mate set off to see if we could reach Shamin Island via the subway. It was actually quite easy. The Guangzhou subway system is well laid out and there are English signs everywhere. The hardest part was finding the island once you got off the subway. For future travelers, you exit through Exit D. You will come up inside a small mall. Turn right out of the entrance from the subway and walk across a large outdoor plaza. You will see a pedestrian bridge across the road. Take it. as you come down off that bridge, you will see the island and a bridge to it on your right. We had no problems traveling either way and it was relatively quick. $1 round trip per person. :)

Once on the island we got busy shopping!! I had a whole list of things I wanted starting with chops. Took some doing but I finally got the sales woman at Master Wongs to give me a decent price on a double set of chops I wanted for Lil' Bug and a single one for Dragonfly. I really dislike that shop so bought nothing else there. I then headed down the street to A Gift From China, a wonderful little shop which sells a lot of hand made items from women's work projects. Prices are a bit more expensive but the items are unique and lovely. Plus it all goes for a good cause! From there we hit Jenny's, another great little store I've visited each adoption trip. I find her prices fair and little bargaining is needed. Here I got one of my weaknesses... squeaky shoes! See end of post for more details on that! :)  I came a way with a lot less money but some lovely items of the kids to have over the next few years.

I returned from shopping in time for the individual and group pictures on the stairs. Miss Dragonfly didn't want to look at the camera and did NOT want to smile. So this is what we got.

The kid group shot was a TRIP! LOL Try getting 13 kids to look one way and smile! HAHA!

After the picture op, a number of our group headed to the Mexican restaurant for one last supper. It was pretty good... Dragonfly decided to eat fries and chicken.



On the way back to the hotel, baby girl decided she LOVED the pair of shoes I got her to wear. She didn't realize they squeaked at first and she doesn't like to be put down to try to walk. But finally near the end of the evening she tried it and discovered those shoes!!! Oh, MY!!! Happy girl!

I am happy to say that this day was much better then yesterday. With Dragonfly doing better physically and me feeling better emotionally. For the moment things are balanced, and we are ok. Also I want to say the issues we are having and the undisclosed special needs are in NO way the fault of Maria's. They are not allowed to contact us directly before the adoption and the SWI did not pass on the information provided them as they should have. I am very frustrated by this, but I am so grateful to Maria's and the staff there who took such awesome care of our Dragonfly.