Mecical Exam and Shopping!

by Dani

Guangzhou Day 3

This morning we headed out a bit earlier to go for the medical exam needed for Dragonfly's visa. After a 30ish minute drive we arrived at the clinic. We headed upstairs to the 5th floor and ran into this mess.


Thankfully we were sent to this section.


Our group still filled it up but it was nice to wait back here in our own little area. Miss Dragonfly was not a fan of the wait but she endured.

In the medical exam there are 3 stations all adoptees go through. It's all very simplistic and not a big deal. First there was weight, height, temperature at the nurses' station. Miss D was 8.8 kg (or 19.4 pounds) and 78 cm (30 inches).


Then on to the ENT station. Do you hear the duck? Let me see your ears and throat.


Finally we finished up with a general exam by a doctor which consisted of listening to heart and lungs and looking a great deal at her limbs.

Then Miss D was one of the "lucky" kids who got to do the 4th station reserved for the children over 2. She got to go get her blood drawn for a TB test. Brave girl did not cry until they returned her to us, then she let loose!

After the medical exam we returned to our hotel. In the afternoon one of my travel mates and I went shopping with a personal shopping guide. I HIGHLY recommend this if you are serious about wanting to shop. I also recommend not taking your child and/or husband. :)

We hopped on the subway and were soon weaving in and out of little shops in a huge multi-level shopping center. It was crazy! Got some great deals on silks and other items. We also hit the jade market  and got some great pieces! It was soooooo worth the cost of the shopper. No way could I have found half the things or deals she got me and certainly not in the 3 hours it took!

We ended the day just hanging out in our room although our travel group went on one of the river boat cruises. We were all tired and went to bed early.