A Hard Day

by Dani

Guangzhou Day 4

Honestly, today has been a day I could have done without. It was suppose to be a free day with nothing major going on. We got to sleep in (which we did). And then I had big plans to head out to see Shamian Island. Do some more shopping. Maybe wonder around in the hotel garden. But things did not go as planned. In fact it went down hill as soon as baby girl woke up.

We have been struggling with medical issues that were not disclosed to us prior to the adoption and today that really came to a head. Poor little Dragonfly was feeling very poorly all morning. We ended up just staying in the room. Our group went with the guide to the Pearl market to shop, but there was no way I was going and leaving Daddy alone with Dragonfly. Just after noon Daddy and Dragonfly took a nap while I did some catching up on the blog. When she woke up things were a bit better.


We tried to go out of the room for mommy's emotional health and visit the hotel garden, but when we got out it was drizzling and cold. Bummer.

So back to the room we went. Dragonfly was in a pretty good mood then and was able to play for a bit. Here she is showing Daddy that not only can she stack her cups with her hands, she can do it with her feet too! LOL

I spent my day doing research and trying to figure out how to best handle Dragonfly's medical issues until we are back in the states. While my medical background helps, it is emotionally overwhelming to be so far from home and familiar ground while trying to make medical decisions for your brand new child! But we have been blessed with a wonderful travel group with other medical professionals and medical mammas. And this evening I feel like we are moving in the right direction. Before anyone asks, I am not ready to get into everything we are facing medically until I know for sure. I am still trying to piece together the puzzle and, honestly, most of it will take some time even once we are home. Sufficient to say that it appears at this point that we are dealing with at least 3 undisclosed special needs in addition to those listed in Dragonfly's medical file when we accepted her referral.

Our afternoon ended with the positive news that Dragonfly's TB test was negative! Yay! Since thing were going ok, this evening we went out to supper with some of our travel group. We eat at a Cantonese/Portuguese restaurant. Food was pretty good. There was a huge fish tank there with "supper" in it. Dragonfly was a little freaked by them. :)


We returned to the room for what ended up being a very hard evening. But even though Dragonfly was not doing well again, I felt like we made progress in the right direction and I didn't feel as overwhelmed or worried.  I can not say enough how grateful I am to not be solo at this point in the trip. I am also conflicted.... on one hand the days can not go fast enough to get Miss D home to where I can care for her needs adequately and figure out what is wrong... but at the same time, each day in China is precious, a memory, an experience. I hate to wish them away quicker.

Tomorrow is our consulate appointment so we have to head out early. I'm just hoping and praying for a better day!