Chen Academy and Six Banyan Tree Temple

by Dani

Guangzhou Day 2 (first full day)

This was our first full day in Guangzhou and also Sunday morning. We had originally hoped to attend a local church but we had heard the one we knew of had moved (since I have heard it is still there so I don't know) and we didn't know were else to go. Our guides had set up a city tour so we decided to just go on that.

Here we are waiting in the lobby before our tour. Lovely flowers and the lovely Miss Dragonfly!

We set off at 9:30 with our first stop being the Six Banyan Tree Buddhist temple. The grounds of the temple are very lovely and the pagoda (known as the flower or lotus pagoda) is very pretty. Everything was also decorated for the new year with flowers, fruit, and lanterns everywhere.

This temple is still a very active worship site and we saw quite a few people there burning incense, leaving offerings, and praying. There were at least four temple buildings plus the pagoda each housing one to three idols.

From the temple we drove ten minutes to the Chen Clan Academy or the Folk Art Museum. This is an old and large home/academy originally owned by the rich and powerful Chen family and used as a place to stay when in the city and as a school for their children. The architecture is lovely and now inside there are rooms with information and displays of many of the traditional folk arts of the area.

Despite not feeling the best, our sweet girl managed to smile today. Love her.


After the tour, we returned to the hotel and hung out or napped until paperwork time when we filled out all the paperwork needed to apply for Dragonfly's visa to come to the US.

In the evening, we join a large group of families from all over at a local Irish Pub for supper. If you are in Guangzhou I highly recommend the Patty Field for western style food. It was YUMMY!