Zhengzhou Day 5

by Dani

Another slow, low pace day for us here in Zhengzhou. We hung around the hotel all day in the room most of the time although there were a few hallway play parties. We got back the first round of our paperwork, but otherwise it continued to be a sit around and wait kind of day.

I really felt blah today.  Some folks in our travel group are not feeling well. All are a bit stressed. I think the emotional and physical strain of the trip is getting to everyone. Honestly we are all ready to move on I think. I know I am just ready to get home and finger out what we are dealing with medically with our girl.

Dragonfly continues to do well. She is showing more and more of her personality. She still has moments of sadness usually when things are quite and nothing much is going on or when she first wakes up. She lets me comfort her which is good. She is also more comfortable with Daddy today and actually wanted him to continue to hold her instead of Mommy at one point!

Since we did not go anywhere I didn't take many pictures but here are a couple of little Miss today.