Zhengzhou Day 4

by Dani

Today was our 4th day in Zhengzhou and was a free day for us. We slept in and lazed around the room. We took our time and went to breakfast late. Just over all took it easy. Miss Dragonfly was in a good mood. Was excited to wear the kitty outfit and played on the bed for sometime with her cups and baby. :) She loves her little baby doll! Finally she tuckered rigth out and slept for over 2 hours. Daddy took a nap too.

Mommy did some housekeeping... in this case, the laundry!

In the afternoon, we went out to explore the city. Dragonfly seems to really like being outdoors. We ended up looking for and finding a great little coffee shop run by an American Ex-pat. It is a very nice, homey place. Definitely makes you feel like you are back in the US for a little while! It is a bit of a walk from our hotel, but I defiantly recommend it. We enjoyed some drinks including awesome hot chocolate! If you are Zhengzhou check out Cafe Alayna.

On our way home, we stopped to shop at Walmart. Then trekked back to the hotel. There we met up with a number of families on our group and headed to near-by restaurant. They had great fried rice among other things we all enjoyed. They also had a tank of live fish waiting to not be alive. One fish kept trying to jump out which he finally succeeded at right as we were leaving! I was very proud of myself for feeding Dragonfly with chopsticks! Go me! lol! Dragonfly was actually very happy out in public which was a first for her. She has been fairly reserved unless we are in the room.

After supper we returned to the room for the night. Nothing big planned for tomorrow but sleep sound good!