Dragonfly Day!

by Dani

9:30 AM our group of 11 families met in the hotel lobby and headed to the adoption registration office. When we arrived 2 of the 13 babies were already there. Within a short time, 3-4 more had arrived and they continued to trickle in over the next hour or so as orphanage after orphanage (9 in all) arrived with the children.

I was very excited to be able to connect with the orphanage rep who brought the child coming from Kaifeng (Lil' Bug's orphanage). She remembered me before I told her who I was. I had prepared a photo album with pictures of Lil'Bug for them and she seemed very happy to see it. We did the same thing for Ladybug's orphanage as they were also there for an adoption. I did not speak with that rep but did hear that they were glad to get the album and were looking through it.

The children continued to trickle in but no sign of Luoyang, Dragonfly's orphanage. Finally after 11 other children had arrived, someone called out that Luoyang had arrived. I ran to the door and there she was in the arms of her Maria's nanny. We had been warned that she did NOT like strangers and sure enough she started crying the minute the nanny walked in the door. To say she was less then thrilled to be handed off to one of those strangers would be an understatement. To say she let the whole place know how unhappy she was for the next 30-45 minutes would not be an exaggeration. Nothing we tried did anything to change that. Finally she let me give her the bottle that was sent with her and she quieted.

The ride back to the hotel she was very somber and quite. She set looking out the window but would steal sidelong glances at me.


Back at the hotel we walked into our room and sat down. With in minutes we had a different child! She was talking, laughing, smiling, and playing with us. She blew kisses. Tried to sing a song and count!

The afternoon when well with paperwork and just playing in the room. The paperwork cut short her nap and she fussed some but very little. As evening wore on, she because restless and pointed to her coat. She wanted me to put it on her! When I would not, she sat quietly on my lap snuggled up against me and silent tears rolled down her face. Poor, sweet, brave little girl. It is obvious she thinks we are ok, even nice, but we are not her home and she misses what and who she knows and loves.

Still she loved her bath. Eat a big supper of noodles. And then fell asleep in her crib after only a short fuss. And so our adventure as a family of 7 began today and we are so excited for the many adventures ahead with our little girl. She is truly a rare gem.