First Grade Fun

by Dani

In homeschool posts, I've sort of neglected Ladybug, my little first grader. Now she does join the big kids for somethings like history activities and science, but she has she own reading and math and related activities.

Her reading is coming right along although she doesn't like doing her workbook very much.

She DOES enjoy the reading games we play such as the one where she read sentences then did what they said. Here she is following the "Jump on the bed" instructions. :)

She also loves to do copywork (WHY???!?!?) and asks for more all the time. It is having a positive effect on her handwriting at least.

Math is very hands on. We do use a workbook sometimes.

But a lot of it is done on the whiteboard or with manipulables.

So there is a little sample of what Miss Ladybug has been up to.