Following The Leader

by Dani

One of the most wonderful things about adopting a new child into a family is watching the development of relationships between siblings. Sometimes the relationships go as expected, but sometimes they are surprising.

I remember with Lil'Bug's adoption being surprised at how close he and Butterfly became. She doted on him, and he adored her.  He is still her little pet.

To be honest, I was worried about how Lil'Bug and Dragonfly would get along. They are close in age (only 22 months apart) and both STRONG personalities. And Lil'Bug is a Momma's Boy through and through. So I have been very relieved with how well they get along. This is NOT to say they don't have their moments, but over all it has gone far better then I feared. While Dragonfly does NOT like to share me or her things, Lil'Bug has made a place for her and will usually share.

One of the sweetest things is how he looks out for her in true big brother fashion. I love hearing him call, "Come on, Dragonfly! Let's go!!" Last Sunday at the park he was playing so nicely with her. Calling her to follow him up on to the play set, through tunnels, and down slides. He insisted she slide down the slide with him and even waited at the top for her to get there.

So sweet.