Dragonfly's Birthday Party

by Dani

Because we've been very busy, Dragonfly's birthday party was put off until this last Sunday. We had it at the park because she loves to slide, and it saved me having to get the house ready. :)

For her cake I made a Purple Kitty since she loves "kitties" and "Purple Cat" from Brown Bear, Brown Bear. She loved it!

Here are some pictures from the party.

Singing happy birthday (she wasn't sure what to make of that) and blowing out her candle.

Then there were presents to open. As you can see she loved everything! She got a bitty baby from Mimmi and got right down to business taking care of her. She also got a supergirl outfit with she wore like a royal cape with her crown. She paraded around the house like that pushing her dolly in her stroller. At times she had a groom (Cricket) to carry her horse and a porter (Lil'Bug) to carry her suitcase.

I have a feeling birthdays are now one of her favorite things! :)