What The Littles Do While We Do School...

by Dani

People often ask how we get any school done with two little ones under foot. And while it IS at times a challenge, the pre-school set manages to stay quite busy while Mommy focuses on the older kids. Besides making messes (occasionally very large ones!), they do a lot of fun and educational things. 

There is tons of creative, imaginative play with trucks, planes, and dolls.

There is lots of block building, and the marble set gets used a ton. (The build in the picture was done by Lil' Bug.)

There is singing and musical play.

Sometimes we just dance around and act silly!

Sometimes the Lil' Engineer (aka Lil' Bug) runs experiments like this one to see what happens to his truck if he runs it across different block ramps.  Lil' Sis got in on this one, too. :)

And sometimes we get out puzzles and other pre-k activities. Here is Lil' Bug working a number activity. Yup, he's got those numbers down cold!

So there you have it. What the preschoolers underfoot are up to. :)