by Dani

Recently on one of the online groups I am part of the topic came up of our children with radial aplasia/dysplasia being referred to as handicapped. To be honest, I really, really dislike the term. It's not that it is a bad word or degrading or a slur or anything like that in and of itself.  I just don't see the word as applying to my children. And, what's more, that I don't want THEM to see it as applying.

I fell pretty much the same about the term "disabled". Again, it doesn't fit Lil'Bug at all. Not at all. There is NOTHING this child can not do with his two hands that any "normal" handed child could do. There is no "dis" about him. I suppose a case could be made that Dragonfly fits the definition of disabled as there are some things she can not yet do as a result of her congenital issues and perhaps she will never be able to do those things.  But who am I to limit her?

So in that spirit, I would like to propose a new term that I will refer to them as... not "dis"-able but differently-able. I plan on sharing on this blog regularly things they are able to do but maybe doing it differently. I say it a lot in real life and I'm going to say it now here...

My kiddos have hands that look different, but there is nothing "wrong" with them. They can do anything anyone else can; they just might do it differently.