Fall Semester 2013- ECC

by Dani

Well, my grand plans to blog weekly or at least semi-weekly on our school year totally got busted! Completely and totally busted! I'm a blogger fail! Oh, well!

I do have some pictures that I managed to take along the way so I'll share some of what we did last fall.


The first 2 weeks of our curriculum, My Father's World- Exploring Countries and Cultures, is pretty intense for a 3rd and 2nd grader so I choose to take 3 weeks to cover the material. We learned an overview of geography such as the seven continents and the oceans. We learned about maps and globes. In science, we learned about ecosystems, environments, and niches as well as an overview of cycles such as the water cycle. We learned our theme verse in Bible for the year, John 3:16.  Below are photos of our art project for John 3:16 and our earth worm environment niche.

After those intro weeks, we started in North America. We spent 2 weeks learning about the United States which, since we just completed Adventures last year, was a review. In science we studied forests with a focus temperate and deciduous forests.  In Bible, we begin to read through Matthew and learned about Dwight L. Moody and Harriet Tubman. Below pictures of our forest dioramas and our craft for the US (quilt design... NOT a favorite of the boy's)!

The next 2 weeks were spent learning about Mexico and Central America in general. In science, we studied deserts. We also learned about Cameron Townsend. At the end of those two weeks, I added a week to learn a bit more in detail about Guatemala since it is not specifically included in the ECC curriculum. During that week, we took a break from Bible and science. Below photos of our art/craft for Mexico. Plus learning about the Maya when studying Guatemala.

Up next we spent 2 weeks learning about Canada. Our Bible focused on William and Catherine Booth and George Muller. In science, we learned about food chains and plant/animal life & reproduction. Below pictures of our art/craft soap carvings.

After a week off for Thanksgiving, we moved on to South America were we begin a study of Brazil and general overview of the continent. In science the focus was on tropical rain forests. In Bible, we learned about Nate Saint. And that brought us to Christmas break!  I realized I did a VERY poor job of getting pictures from this time period. All I have is one of Cricket with the model airplane we make while studying Nate Saint.