Travel Itinerary

by Dani

2/5 Leave U.S. for Beijing.

2/6 Arrive in Beijing

2/7-2/8 Tour Beijing

2/9 Depart Beijing for Zhengzhou

2/10 Dragonfly Day!!!

2/11 Adoption finalized in AM then off to get Dragonfly's passport and (hopefully) visit Maria's Big House of Home where she has lived for more then 2 years.

2/12  Free day.

2/13 Free day

2/14 Receive Dragonfly's passports.

2/15 Leave Zhengzhou for Guangzhou

2/16 Paperwork Day

2/17 Medical Exam

2/18 Back to clinic to check TB test

2/19 Consulate appointment.

2/20 Get visa packet in afternoon

 2/21  head HOME!!!!!