But what about socialization???

by Dani

"But what about socialization???"  

I have to say this question is the most common homeschooling myth I hear. You know, as if sending children to spend the majority of their day with other children with in one year of age of them in a tightly controlled environment nothing like the world they will live in after 18 is the gold standard of "socialization", but I digress!

Well, let me tell you about our fall schedule...

Mondays- Butterfly has 2 hours of dance class (jazz and ballet) , Cricket has Kung Fu

Tuesdays- 1st and 3rd Butterfly has American Heritage Girls meeting from 6-8

Wednesday- Butterfly and Ladybug both have ballet class, then Butterfly and Cricket have Junior Youth group

Thursdays- we go to the library were Butterfly, Cricket, and Ladybug have 1-2 classes a month.  

Fridays- homeschool co-op from 8:45 - 2PM

Saturday- nothing planned :) 

Sundays- church service and Sunday school in AM, then Butterfly and Ladybug have Children's Choir

Of course there are also field trips with Co-op. Musical programs with the Choir. Extra children's activities at church and with the youth group.  

Yeah, my poor, poor children! As you can see, they NEVER get to socialize!  

P.S. For people who think that it's bad that my children "only learn from one teacher and are never exposed to other styles of teaching". I count TEN other adults who will be instructing Butterfly for an hour or more each week.