Week with Mimmi

by Dani

As part of our late summer break before starting the 2013-14 school year, we spent a week with Mimmi up at the farm. It was a great week to be there with unusually low temperatures in Aug. which made outdoor activities much more enjoyable.

Besides just getting to visit Mimmi, she treated us to a number of fun kid activities such as the zoo and Chuck-E-Cheese. The animals were very active on our zoo day (perhaps due to the cooler temps) and we saw a lion, ostrich, and giraffe up very close. The goats in the petting area had apparently not been feed recently cause they kept getting our clothes. And while I was busy trying to keep them from eating me or my children, Lil' Bug let one of them out of the pen!! It was rather funny in hindsight!


Fun plus of being at Mimmi's in the summer is the good food... especially the sweet corn! The kids even got to help shuck it. :) 


And while we are glad to be back home, we sure did have a good time at Mimmi's!