I-800A Approval is here!!!

by Dani

YAY!! After 60 long days we have completed Step B of Stage 1 in the adoption process!!

For those not versed in China adoption timelines, Stage 1 is the steps that take place to get a family's paperwork to China to apply to adopt a child. It is generally known as the paperchase. We have already completed the first step, Step A, when we finished the homestudy. Then we had to wait on Step B, USCIS approval to adopt from China. USCIS was running slow and took 60 days. Now that we (finally) have that, we can move on to Step C which is completing and sealing all the dossier papers (13 in total). This will hopefully not take very long as all the documents are done and we have already started the sealing process. Once everything is sealed, we will send the completed dossier to our agency for critical review. If nothing is wrong, we will then be Dossier To China (DTC). And we can celebrate the end of Stage 1!

It seems like every step has frustrations. The long wait to get our homestudy approved. The long wait for USCIS approval. Now the dossier sealing process has already resulted in some frustration when the county clerk found that the notary's signature on our police clearance was slightly different then their record. So today we spend 3 hours trying to redo the document (too much drama to even get into) only to end up with one of our names misspelled!! So now we will have to make the 4th trip back to the sheriff's office to get the report done for the THIRD time.

But THIS little Miss is why we do it all...