Summer Happenings

by Dani

It has been a busy summer around here for us. And really it is flying by! We have two weeks left of summer school (more on that when we're done) and five weeks before the new school year start!

We've had lots of summer fun playing with neighborhood friends. We have some new neighbors which brings the total of kids between the ages of 3 and 9 to eleven! Talk about lots of neighborhood activity! We also were part of our local library's summer program which had lots of activities, and we went to the creek and the splash pad several additional times.


Side note: isn't Butterfly like the best big sis? She carried Lil' Bug around at the Splash pad until he was totally comfortable in the water.  

We had two rounds of VBS (Vacation Bible school). For one VBS all three older kids went together and had a blast learning about different countries around the world. Another week, Cricket and Ladybug went to one while Butterfly attended the musical VBS that she has done the last 2 years. This year the musical was called "Easter-ordinary Faith" which was the story of Easter as you might guess. Butterfly didn't want to have a speaking part or a musical solo but she did want to dance. So she ended up in a cute jazz number and the general choir. The kids put on a great performance Friday evening (incredible for only 5 days to get it together). I was very impressed with Butterflies obvious increase in maturity. I only got a few pics as she was way on the other side of the stage in her dance but here are a few.

Butterfly got her turn at a Daddy Date and also went horseback riding. It was her first time and she had a blast!!  

Butterfly and Cricket had the opportunity to attend a day camp for three days with our Children's minister and other kids from church. They had so much fun!! There was swimming and lots of water activities. There were group games, lessons, and crafts. They did a ropes course and a mud pit. There was even a zip line that landed in the lake!! (Cricket fear of heights did not let him do this this time.) Really they did so many things they could not remember to tell me them all! LOL

Since Butterfly and Cricket were having so much fun, I couldn't let Lil' Bug and Ladybug sit at home all day! So we made a splash pad trip and also went to our local children's museum.  

Happy Summer, Ya'll! :)