Summer's Here!!

by Dani

Woohoo!! Summer is here! And boy are we enjoying our days off! We've already been to the splash pad and huge out with friends.  

Last weekend we met up with our local Ethiopian Adoption Group at a member's farm. The kids enjoyed the animals and a paddle boat ride. Poor Butterfly fell in the pond!  

On Tues, we took a picnic lunch and headed to the park and one of our favorite creeks. Nothing like spending a hot afternoon in a cool mountain creek.  

Ladybug and Lil' Bug played together near by while the older two played with some other kids that were there.  

The kids found some lizards and a fish. Butterfly had fun showing Lil'Bug.  

On Friday, Cricket and Daddy went on an adventure together. They went horseback riding! Cricket loved it... even though he fell off and earned a metal for getting right back up on the horse!