Homestudy Approved!

by Dani

WOOHOO! We have finally completed the very first step in this adoption process! Our homestudy has been completed and approved and in our hands!
It was a long haul and honestly I'm still ticked with both our homestudy agency and our placing agency. We had provided all the paperwork and completed all our visits and training by May 19th. Our SW finished the homestudy write up on the 20th and the supervisor approved it on the 21st. but some how or other it did not make it to the placing agency for approval until May 29th. Any they are very slow so the first review was not complete for 2 weeks and resulted in a long list of corrections which were not completed for a week. There is more craziness including the wrong version of homestudy (ie. without the revisions) being returned for the second review, but finally this afternoon we were able to get it approved and in our hands.  

The next step is US immigration to approve us to adopt. We sent off the I-800A application via fed-ex this evening. Hopefully we will hear in 2-3 weeks that it is checked in and we will get a fingerprint date. USCIS is running around 2 months right now for approval. Hopefully before the end of August, I'll be reporting that we have completed this step as well! While we wait, we will start sealing the rest of the dossier item. 

Here is one of the pictures we received in early May of Lil' Miss Dragonfly!