Happy 8th Birthday, Butterfly

by Dani


Wow, it doesn't seem possible but our little Butterfly turned 8 years old last week! She is growing in to quite a big girl.  

She continues to be the questioner, thinker, and teacher of the family. This year she earned a new nickname of "little philosopher". She keeps us on our toes with her deep questions and general curiosity.

She continues to love a good story or adventure. Her present favorite books are the Narnia series which Daddy is reading to the children at night before bed. She is imaginative and loves to make up adventures for her dolls and siblings.

She is a great big sister who loves her younger siblings dearly and, in the case of Lil'Bug, perhaps a little too much! She can't bear for him to be sad to the point of not wanting us to discipline him. 

Her favorite things include playing with her friends, riding her bike in the street, and playing with her dolls.  

Can't wait to see what this year holds for her!