Adventures in My Father's World Weeks 24 & 25

by Dani

In these two weeks in Bible we were learning about Jesus as Lord of lords and King of kings. We talked about authority and what that means and as an activity made crowns.


Our history lessons included learning about Samuel Morse and the telegraph, the California gold rush, and the states of Florida, Texas, Iowa, and Wisconsin. We finished up our read aloud On the Banks of Plum Creek, so we were able to read Riding the Pony Express. We were learning a little bit about the Pony Express as part of the Gold Rush so it was a nice tie in. When we finished that book, we read Sarah Plain and Tall.

In music, we finished up our study of Swan Lake. We also finished our study of Spanish for this semester.

In science during week 24 we continued our study of the human body focusing on taste. Week 25 we moved on to atoms and molecules. As part of this we build models of a water molecule. The kids loved this and had fun eating it too!