Adventures in My Father's World: Week 22

by Dani

In Bible this week the topic was Jesus as the Head of the Body. We spent time talking about how every person has value in the church body and none are more important than the others. 

Science followed this theme with a study of the human body. We focused on bones, muscles, and food digestion. (GROSS according to Butterfly. )

The state study was particularly fun this week and really tied into the Bible theme as well. We studied Illinois and Alabama and as part of this briefly studied Helen Keller,  George Washington Carver, and Rosa Parks. It would be hard to find a better set of individuals to study at the same time you were learning about valuing all human beings regardless of race, gender, or physical ability. It also allowed me to have some interesting conversations with Butterfly about racism past and present.

In the rest of our history this week we learned about traveling West by wagon train. I was able to find a 3 part series DVD at the library called Pioneer life that was all about this. We took a break from our read aloud On the Banks of Plum Creek and instead read Carolina's Courage. If you can get this book it is really good.

In our music/composer study we have been learning about Swan Lake and this week the kids colored a picture while listening to some of the music from the ballet.