Adventures In My Father's World: Weeks 18 & 19

by Dani

For weeks 18 & 19 the Bible focus was on Jesus the Lamb of God. Our memory verse was John 1:29. One of our Bible activities included many lambs from our hand prints. The children all loved this activity even Lil' Bug.

Our state study covered Tennessee and Ohio. We also learned about Eli Whitney and the cotton gin which fascinated the children greatly. We also read stories about pioneers on the Ohio river,  traveling by flat bottom boat, and Johnny Appleseed.

For our read aloud we finished up Farmer Boy which we had been reading for several weeks. Butterfly mostly liked it but I think it will be her least favorite of the Little House books as the details tend to the boring side.

The science for these two weeks was on living things and animals. We made an animal cell model out of jello which was a big hit! We spent time classifying living and non-living things. And also learned a bit about bacteria. We did an experiment by growing bacteria in milk and put on jar in the refrigerator and one on the counter. The kids loved the gross factor of the sore milk!


In first grade news this week, Cricket finished the first page of his Bible Notebook representing the creation story. He is loving the Bible reader and it is his favorite activity to read his story then draw the picture in his notebook.