2013 Field Trips

by Dani

I'm working on a long but abbreviated post about our 2013-14 school year so far. As much as I wanted to blog about every week or at least every country we studies in ECC, it just did not happen. As part of recording at least some of it, I'm posting the picture from our three field trips so far. 

We visited a cave which we will actually learn about in just a few weeks when we study France.

One of the neatest things about this cave was the river that runs through it.

We also had the chance to visit the aquarium and also see the penguins. It will be a bit before we study the ocean but we did see some animals and fish from Central and South America that we had studies.

One of the weeks when we were studying Brazil and the rain forest, we were able to visit the children's museum to see the traveling exhibit on rain forest! The kids really enjoyed out morning there playing scientist. :)  Cricket had fun being silly!