Christmas 2013

by Dani

We stayed home for Christmas again this year. I really love being here. We get to go to our church on Christmas Eve for the late service. We have the stockings and tree and our own traditions started.

A few years back we started the tradition of having homemade pizza for supper on Christmas Eve. We shape them like a tree, a candy cane, and a snowman. The kids love to help.


We then let them each open one present under the tree then it's off to church for the candle light service.

Christmas morning we open all the presents and stockings and have a big breakfast including danish made by Daddy!


Favorite gifts included the airplane Lil' Bug got, a dolls for Ladybug, walkie-talkies for Butterfly, and LEGOS for Cricket. Cricket has been working his little heart out on those legos. He's been taking them completely apart and doing them again. Too cute.

We had Christmas dinner with friends and played games all afternoon. It was a wonderful, fun filled holiday.