Article 5!!

by Dani

Whooot!!!! So happy to report that we have completed the final part of the US side of the adoption before travel. There were lots of little steps, all relatively short, from receiving our LOA Nov 6th to the final letter of approval (Article 5) which was picked up Dec 24th in China. So now we are on to the final step before travel.... Travel Approval (TA). This is the letter from China inviting us to come and pick up our child. TA usually take 2-3 week (sometime close to 4). We would of course love a short TA wait. :) But even if we get a quick TA it looks like we will not be able to travel before Chinese New Year. :( Still, we are sooooo much closer than we were! Can't wait to hold my baby girl!


Dang Zi Shuang 2013-11-14.jpg