Ballet Christmas Performance

by Dani

The girls' ballet Christmas performance was also this weekend. They both did a great job. Ladybug had a blast as she always does on a stage. Here she is in her costume.


Her class of 4-6 year olds danced as "snowflakes" in a number called "Winter Snow". They forgot they were to spread out across the stage and ended up bunched to one side but Ladybug is very visible. She is right in the middle of the stage in the back but the second child from the left!  lol


Here are a few still shots from the dress rehearsal. Ladybug is in the center here.

Butterfly really showed how much she has grown and matured this year in ballet. She looks so grown up!

A few stills from the dress rehearsal. 

Butterfly also took jazz this year and here is the jazz number she was in.