Happy Birthday Lil'Bug!!

by Dani

Our Lil' Bug turned 4 years old today on this first day of winter. It's so hard to believe he is 4 already. With his birthday being so close to Christmas, we actually had his party early in the month. He did get his favorite things today and all his presents. (He got one special present as you will see in the pictures below!)

In honor of our new little 4 yr old, here are four special things about our Lil' Bug!

1) He has the best smile and laugh in the world. Seriously. No bias here! :)



2) He has a way of getting just about anyone to interact with him and usually makes them smile. (If I had a dollar for every time I heard how cute he is... well, I digress.)



3) He has worked very hard to overcome his early life and doesn't let anything stop him from getting what he wants.


4) He loves his music, his mommy, his noodles, and his planes/cars ... in which order depends on the day! :)