American Heritage Girls

by Dani

As I mentioned earlier in the year, Butterfly joined our local American Heritage Girls Troop this fall. This has truly turned out to be one of the best things we have done recently. Butterfly just loves it! She has had the opportunity to learn about and do a number of new things (including camping!) and made some great new friends. Her unit (she is a Tenderheart) has 24-25 1st to 3rd grade girls and there are close to 60 girls in the troop. But one of the best things is that the troop provides opportunities for Butterfly to make friends with older girls (middle and high school age) who actually have time for a little girl. Most of the Pi/Pa, as these girls are called, are very sweet to the younger girls and make them feel very special and Butterfly eats it up!

At most meetings the units take time to work on a badge as a group. As part of their group badge work, they visited a local paint your own pottery place. She got to make this cute cat. 


We also worked on some badges on our on at home. One of these was Cake Decorating (which she has not completely yet). Here is Butterfly making and decorating cupcakes as a part of this badge.

Tonight was the troop's bi-annual awards ceremony and Christmas party. Butterfly received her Joining Award. She was so excited and proud!  

Her hard work this semester to earn badges paid off. Besides the Joining Award, she earned 4 other badges. They were Dance, Pet Care, Dawn of Our Country, and Sign Language.

After all the awards was the Christmas party. She had perhaps a little too much fun at the party as the next picture shows. But I'm so glad that she enjoys AHG!