My Angels

by Dani

Both girls sing in our church children's choir and on Sunday night they did their Christmas program. It was actually a cute little play called Angels Aware. Butterfly had a solo (the second part of which was added 24 hours before the show!) and a few lines. Ladybug had a line and also a small acting part. The kids did so great. Ladybug seems to have been born for the stage. She loves it so much. Butterfly is much more reserved, but she is very composed and has such a lovely voice. At one point they lifted their arms as part of the motions to a song and I struck me how obvious it was that Butterfly is a dancer. While most of the kids around her just threw up their hands, she was holding beautiful ballerina hands. :)

Here are a few pictures. Butterfly is in the center, back and Ladybug is the second from the right in front.

Update: Now with video! :)


Butterfly's solo