Getting Ready (AKA Nesting)

by Dani

Now that we are in the finally stages of Dragonfly's adoption, I've gotten serious about getting things in order around the house and with the other kids.

One big thing has been to get Lil' Bug as independent as possible. We took him out of his booster seat and have him sitting on the bench with the other kids. Of course, getting him to actually sit still is a work in progress! lol I also deep cleaned and rearranged the boys' room. And Lil' Bug finally moved out The Crib (AKA the Wooden Monster) and into his own big boy bed. He was so happy! He has done really well with this move other then not sleeping in in the morning like he once did. Now though I am awakened every morning by the pitter-patter of little feet and a little body launching it's self over me while calling "MOMMMMMMMY, WAKE UP!!!"


I've also rearranged the girls' room and given it a deep cleaning. We bunked their beds with Butterfly on top, Ladybug on the bottom. And we moved the toddler bed in for Dragonfly. Over all very happy with how it looks!