The Post I Just Never Wrote...

by Dani

One of the downsides to my crazy busy life right now is that I. am. always. behind in blogging. To the point that a lot of posts I wanted to write just aren't going to happen. But there are a couple I really want to at least share pictures from even if they end up shorter then I had once envisioned.
This is one of those post....

Lets go back to mid-August. We're finishing up our 2012-13 school year and Adventures in My Father's World. The last thing we did was a field trip to a wonderful living history museum.

We started off in the Native American camp with the French trading post. We saw a wigwam and a played in the dugout canoe. 

Then we moved on to the early 1800's homestead with it's huge old stone home,  loom house, and the huge barn where the children interacted with the animals.

Our next stop was the 1836 village. Here we visited the potter, the carpenter, the doctor, and the blacksmith. The children tried their hand at helping in the garden, pumping water, washing clothes, cleaning one of the houses, setting the table, making food, unloading supplies at the general store, teaching school at the one room school house, and even playing old time games!

We visited the 1859 Balloon Voyage and learned about hot air balloons which was a great way to talk about all the inventions of the late 1800's and early 1900's.

We finished the day in the 1863 town during a Civil War raid. The kids did find this a bit scary and it was getting late so not too many pictures here, but we did see quite a few things. The girls dressed up and we were about to see and play with a telegraph machine which we had leaned about this year.

Truly, I can not think of a better way to wrap up our study of American History!