Sunday Review

by Dani

This last week there have been a lot of wonderful articles and blog posts online that I run across that I would like to share. So, I'm going to share them here. :)

Amy Eldridge of Love without Boundaries has written a series of posts about the changing face of China adoption:

Changing Face of China's Orphans

Changing Attitudes

Adoption of Boys

Domestic Adoption on the Rise This article was very interesting. It is nice to hear that domestic adoption is even starting to extend to mild-moderate special needs!

Birth Defects

Then there were two interest blog posts about the ethics of adoption in two different African countries. While they are about The DRC and Uganda, I think a lot can be applied to other African countries. From Holly at Alama ya Kitumaini "Sign of Hope": A Story.  And from The Farmer's Wife at The Farmer's Wife Tells All in her post My Take on Ugandan Adoption.

In a non-adoption related issue, I found this post from Kate Bassford Baker called Please Don't Help My Kids very interesting and timely.