Adventures in My Father's World: Week 12

by Dani

We came back from Christmas break early since we ended up quitting earlier then I had planned.

Week 12 starts a new direction in our study as we are now studying the states. This week we being with the first four states to ratify the Constitution: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia.  One day is spent on each state. First we locate them on our map. Then I read some interesting facts about the state. Then Butterfly and Cricket color a "state sheet" with the state bird and flower on it. While they do that, I read a book or story about the state. Some days there are also activities to go along with that state. For Pennsylvania, we read about the Liberty Bell and then made one out of a cup and foil.  


Both Bible and science this week are about birds. This goes along with the state study of the different state birds. Butterfly enjoys learning to identify different birds. And all three older kids had fun making cardboard binoculars. I need to get a real pair of binoculars to go along with the bird books. We might end up with some bird watchers! :) In keeping with the bird theme, for our read aloud I read Blacky The Crow by Burgess. It was a huge hit with both Butterfly and Cricket.